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The Awakening Fields
An early Autumn morning in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

This short film was created by SRML Studios to showcase thier aerial videography, video editing and sound design artistry.

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Filmed & Edited by Drai Douglas
Music & Sound design by
Raymond (rai rai) Douglas BSc.


A short film based on a poem by John Donne, with the main
focus surrounding sustainability and the environment.

Written and Directed by Rebecca Head
Edited by Ainsley Emmanuel.
Music and Sound Design
by Raymond (rai rai) Douglas BSc.

I Saw The Light.
Exploration and experimentation with lighting sources. 
With a thought in mind regarding Bipolar Manic stages, of the light, becoming both a positive but also
a dangerous negative.


Written and Directed by Rebecca Head
Music and Sound Design
by Raymond (rai rai) Douglas BSc.

Roddy Ricch - The Box
Drum And Bass Remix & 
spectral visual  FX

Produced By Raymond (Rai Rai) Douglas BSc

You Me Apartamentos
ft Omar Garcia Diaz
Written and Directed by
Drai Douglas &
Raymond Douglas BSc
Produced By
Rai Rai & ShadowVsDrai.

A an unofficial duet by Leanne. M.

& Raymond Douglas BSc.
Footage From Leanne. M. at

Audio from Just Acoustic at

Edited By
Rai Rai 


 Videos created by others featuring the artist Rai Rai


BOASH. FT Fiona Faye - Breathe.
(Official Video)


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P110 - CS Fresh x AJ1K - Crash
(Official Video)


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Tina Amana - Birmingham Baby (Official Video)


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